Explosion Safety for spray dryers

Spray dryers in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries have a non-negligible explosion potential: usually there is a constant atmosphere of stirred-up, usually combustible, dust and oxygen. Spray dryers, however, may not be considered as a standalone design element, but must be evaluated as a cohesive complex system.

The explosion-related design of spray dryers is specifically regulated according to VDI 2263 part 7. The proper application of the directive allows a reduction of the measures to a minimum, as long as certain process conditions are complied with. Please contact one of our experts to determine whether your system meets these requirements, and what the proper protection is in your case.

The most frequent sources of combustion in spray dryers are glowing embers, damage to rotary nozzles, hot bearings or sparks due to an imbalance.

Which constructive protection measures are useful for your spray drying plant depends on the strength, the volume of the spray dryer to be protected and its respective installation site. For spray dryers outdoors, on a building wall or for designs with lower strengths, a conventional explosion safety system with the EGV explosion vent will be suitable. For hygienic applications, we can offer you this explosion vent as an EHEDG certified EGV HYP, for the flameless venting device Q-Rohr®, with the hygienic explosion vent ERO.

Your advantages

  • No cross-contamination
  • Absolute leak-tightness
  • ...

The overall picture counts:

The protection of individual system components is only as good as the protection of the entire system. Pay particular attention to having sufficient decoupling devices, and the protection against “over engineering”. Only if the entire system is observed, and the individual protective measures are aligned to each other, will your Explosion Safety concept be safe AND economic.

We therefore offer you comprehensive protection concepts and on-site consulting, on how you can implement organizational measures to achieve a greater degree of safety.

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