Q-­BOX - Cost-effective indoor explosion venting for dust explosions



The Q-Box is designed for plant components with low rigidity and large explosion venting areas. The rectangular connection complements the dimensions of standard explosion vents thus allowing it to be retrofitted to existing indoor and outdoor equipment.

Flameless venting Q-Box
Flameless venting Q-Box

Your competitive advantages

  • Process-optimised plant layout
  • No external maintenance costs

The sanitary cover protects the Q-Box against dust from outside sources.



The Q-Box guarantees safe explosion venting in working areas. Like the Q-Rohr®, the flame gases are instantly extinguished inside the Q-Box by efficient cooling.

Flameless venting Q-Box with sanitary cover
Flameless venting Q-Box in sanitary cover

Your advantages

  • Flexible use of the Q-Box permits process-efficient plant design.
  • Reduces noise levels.
  • Perfect protection of the surrounding area.
  • Cost-effective alternative to venting ducts: No running costs for venting ducts and external maintenance, a visual inspection is sufficient.
  • Integrated signalling unit for reliable monitoring.
  • Flexible solution for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Simple retrofitting to existing explosion vent installations.
  • Reduced downtime: Access to the protected plant does not require a safety interlock (LOTO).

”EGGER operates a fully integrated wood factory that manufactures and finishes particle and MDF board, laminate flooring and sawn timber. We have used venting equipment from REMBE® to protect our employees and equipment for many years. We are impressed by the expert advice provided by their consultants and the safety concept, which has been tailored to our specific requirements.“

Ferdinand Martini, safety specialist at EGGER





EC type examination certificate no.
BVS 16 ATEX H 021 X

Meets the requirements of NFPA 68

SIL-Äquivalent: SIL 2

Please note!

The combination of the Q-Box and isolation systems prevents pressure waves and flames propagating to other parts of the plant.


Flameless venting Q-Box
Flameless venting Q-Box
Flameless venting Q-Box with sanitary cover
Flameless venting Q-Box in sanitary cover
Q-Box on an elevator
Flameless venting Q-Box on elevator
Q-Box on a food silo
Flameless venting Q-Box on silo in food industry
Q-Box on a chip bunker
Flameless venting Q-Box on chipboard factory
Q-Box on a mill
Flameless venting Q-Box on mill
Q-Box on an elevator
Q-Box on a aspiration filter in a mill
Flameless venting Q-Box on aspiration filter
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