Explosion Isolation with Slide Valves


Whether it is silos, mills or extraction systems, our slide valves enable a safe isolation, and are also available for demanding CIP, dust or gas applications.

The RSV slide valve is suitable for the isolation of fully developed explosions to the maximum explosion pressure.
The REDEX® Slide has been specifically developed for the isolation of pressure-relieved devices with a reduced explosion pressure.

Both slide valves are also particularly suitable for abrasive media.


The system to be protected is equipped with pressure and/or infrared detectors. These can detect an explosion and send a signal to the knife gate valve. Depending on the size, one or more gas generators are activated, which close the slide valve due to the generated pressure. The closed slider blade effectively prevents the propagation of flames and pressure waves. Fast closing times also enable extremely short installation distances. During normal operation, the slide valves can be opened and closed pneumatically.

Sizes and application areas

The REDEX® Slide is available in nominal pipe sizes from DN 80 to DN 150, the RSV slide valve in nominal pipe sizes from DN 50 to DN 400. Thanks to their practical design, both knife gate valves are suitable for all flow velocities and dust loads, they do not cause any pressure drop, and can be installed vertically, horizontally or at any angle.

Your advantages

  • Variably applicable.
  • Extremely short closing times.
  • Short installation distances thanks to a compact design.
  • Flexible installation options at any angle.
  • No loss of pressure.




EC type examination
certificate no.
FSA 14 ATEX 1647 X
FSA 17 ATEX 1669 X




REDEX® Slide
REDEX® Slide
RSV Slide Valve
RSV Slide Valve
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