Rupture disc CBS - for the protection of intermodal tank containers

The CBS rupture disc protects intermodal tank containers with especially high demands regarding the leak-tightness as well as the temperature and corrosion resistance required for the pressure relief device (rupture disc). It is often additionally used below a safety valve (e.g. Fort Vale valve) to protect the safety valve from corrosion caused by the product and to  ensure leak tightness of the safety valve. 

The rupture disc has an operating pressure ratio of up to 80 %* of the minimum burst pressure; it can be installed directly between flanges and opens in a star-shaped fashion with no fragmentation. It is perfectly suitable for overpressure as well as vacuum applications and can be used for liquid or gaseous media.

The CBS design ensures the highest degree of leak-tightness and is fitted with a protective ring located beneath the discharge-side gasket. An additional liner can be inserted above the inlet-side gasket if necessary to further improve the disc against corrosion.

* Depending on the specific application

Your advantages

  • Extremely long service-life and extreme temperature resistance through the use of high-quality materials such as Tantalum, Hastelloy and Inconel.
  • Optionally available sealing membrane for the highest degree of leak-tightness.
  • Low space requirement for a full cross-section clearance through a star-shaped opening.
  • Extends the service-life of your safety valve, since it is protected from the transported medium (corrosive) during the normal operation of the tank.
  • Available in a wide range of materials and sizes to suit your process conditions.


technical drawing rupture disc / bursting disc CBS
Rupture Disc CBS
REMBE® forward acting upture disc CBS
Technical data
NPS [in] DN [mm]Vent area [cm2] A [mm] B [mm] H max [mm][mm]
1'' 254,5 29 56 123
1½'' 4010 43 78 153
2 5017 55 89 203
2½'' 6525 71 115 253
3'' 8035 83 130 353
4'' 10068 107 152 353
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