Reverse Acting Rupture Discs

Maximum reliability at high standard operating pressure ratios

Reverse acting rupture discs are installed with the domed side of the rupture disc facing the process. In this configuration, the rupture disc offers a higher standard operating ratio and better vacuum resistance. It is more resistant, more rugged and gives a longer service life.

A higher standard operating ratio allows you to operate your system under a higher load without the risk of fatigue or premature opening of your rupture disc. Since REMBE® rupture discs have an exceptionally long service life, they minimise the risk of commercial losses caused by production downtime.

A specially developed production process using lasers guarantees that REMBE® rupture discs offer maximum reliability, precision and manufacturing repeatability.

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  • KUB® - The indestructable rupture disc
  • KUB® clean - For applications with strict hygiene requirements
  • KUB® V - For isolating safety valves
  • KUB® F - For installation directly between flanges
  • IKB® - The reverse acting rupture disc with the patented manufacturing process


Rupture disc / bursting disc KUB
Reverse acting rupture disc KUB®
Rupture disc / bursting disc KUB clean
Reverse acting rupture disc KUB® clean
Rupture disc / bursting disc KUB in combination with Safety valve
Reverse acting rupture disc KUB® V - reliable protection of safety valves against corrosive media
Rupture disc / bursting disc IKB
Reverse acting rupture disc IKB®
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